Blogging Hub -  05 Jul, 2019

5 Reasons Behind Low Website Traffic And What Can Be Done About It

Trying to figure out why a website is not getting any traffic is not easy task. But there are a few basic and simple ideas that one can follow in order to f...
Graphic Design Hub -  29 Jun, 2019

7 Factors I Consider When Choosing the Right ISO For My Digital Photos

Setting the correct ISO on a camera can make a big difference in a photo. Digital cameras are getting smarter and smarter but a good photograph still may re...
Graphic Design Hub -  29 Jun, 2019

Photography and Graphic Design And Why I Learned Both

At first glance, photography and graphic design seem to be unrelated but there are many similarities that make the two arts congruent and therefore, worth ex...
Graphic Design Hub -  27 Jun, 2019

5 Color Scheme Websites you shouldn’t design without – ever!

Colors can make or break a design. Paying attention to colors and color schemes may be a great first step in designing a new website or project.
Web Development Hub -  19 Feb, 2019

WordPress 101: Installing WordPress, Optimizing & Adding Essential Plugins in 30 min or less...

Installing WordPress for the first time should not be a daunting task. Although some fine tuning may be required this process should be easy and straightfor...

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