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Marketing Hub -  Jun, 2021

What is a marketing specialist and how do you become a good one

Marketing is an excellent field with many possibilities for one to become a marketing specialist.
Marketing Hub -  Apr, 2021

What is branding? Brand build 101 and a successful strategy

A brand is meant to invoke an emotion. Building and nurturing a brand is hard, but here are the components of a successful strategy.
persuasion marketing
Marketing Hub -  Oct, 2020

Persuasion Marketing: 5 Simple Ways to Market with Influence

As marketers, we cannot afford to market without persuasion: the ability to cause an effect on someone, getting them to do something.
Marketing Consultant
Marketing Hub -  Aug, 2020

Marketing Consultant: What do they do and how to find them

Companies hire marketing consultants in order to define, build, and implement marketing strategies and plans. Le'ts explore what these consultants do and how...
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what is marketing?
Marketing Hub -  Jul, 2020

What is marketing? Basic Principles of Marketing

Understanding the fundamentals of marketing can have a deterministic effect on the outcome of your strategies, tactics, and plans.
marketing to baby boomers
Marketing Hub -  Apr, 2020

5 Essential Tips for Marketing to Baby Boomers

Marketing professionals must understand baby boomers well to effectively market products and services to this highly influential generation.
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Marketing Hub -  Mar, 2020

Affiliate Marketing Basics: Finding Top Paying Affiliate Programs in 2020

Affiliate marketing can be one of the most lucrative monetization methods for content creators and the like. However, finding top paying affiliate programs ...
demand generation
Marketing Hub -  Feb, 2020

5 Components of a successful Demand Generation strategy

Demand generation is all about creating demand or interest for a product or service in the mind of the target audience. Let's look at 5 essential parts of a ...

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